Welcome, Are you interested in self employment? Have you got a track record in the health industry? To you love working with people? Are you a doctor, naturopath or a nurse?

Our Support

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In addition to the Getting Started Training, Atlantis Salud will also teach Staff selection and training.

The Location you recommend will be evaluated by our team.

Clinic Fit-out Costs

Practitioner Clinic Fit-out costs include the design, refurbishment, site preparation and project management costs required to setup each Atlantis Spa. These costs are expected to vary somewhat depending on the site to be occupied by the franchised business and the extent of modifications required.

Practitioners may be eligible to receive optional financial support to cover the Franchise Fit-out expenses. This financial support would be provided by external Property.

Development parties nominated by Atlantis. Under this arrangement, Architect Design Fees and Project Management Fees would be included with other fit-out costs, and a mortised over an agreed period at the Practitioner’s expense.

The Practitioner Earnings Projections shown assume that the financing option has been adopted.

Clinic Fit-out Costs are paid by the owner before building works commence and are generally not refundable.

Architect Design Fee

All Atlantis Spas will be designed and specified by a professional design firm nominated Company to ensure that a consistent and professional image is projected.

The Architect Design Fee is included in the Franchise disclosure document.

The Fit-Out

Our team will support or fully handle the location fit out and signage.

Promotional Presentations and grand opening

Our team will be with you every step of the way. Showing of your new services and creating a demand, so when you open you will be busy from the very first day.

The list goes on. In addition to all the above and a whole lot more, Atlantis will organize your signage and also promotional materials, as well as locally done targeted marketing.

Most Important!

We continue to help and market with you, remember a franchise only works if its a win win!

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