Welcome, Are you interested in self employment? Have you got a track record in the health industry? To you love working with people? Are you a doctor, naturopath or a nurse?

Why Franchising

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The Atlantis Systems and methods work. The wellness combinations are all proven to be beneficial and testament to the real value of this work. We have now reached the point where demand for my methods and ideas has outstripped our ability to keep pace.

As a team we are turning to franchising as an obvious way of duplicating this great system. With so much evidence and documentation behind us, The Atlantis Salud Programs can now be passed on to others with unquestionable confidence.

The services your clinic will offer are:

  • Live Blood Analysis,
  • Thermal Imaging,
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy,
  • Infrared Sauna,
  • Q2 Technologies,
  • Magnetic & Far Infrared Technology and
  • a large combination of IV wellness Programs.

Offering some of the world's best early detection and monitoring available.
And it's not just cancer sufferers and their families you will be dealing with. Atlantis is well positioned to assist in the areas of improving general family health and sport injury treatment and recovery. Child health as well as preventative programs.

The essence of franchising is:

  • Rights to a name, system and know-how
  • Duplicating a proven business system
  • Step by step help
  • Support, training and follow up
  • Group marketing, referrals and the building of a brand name together.
  • Benefiting from group resources such as our head-office Health Retreat for Cancer & Mobility and vocational health programs.
  • Imagen Termica
  • Masaje + Lampara Infrarroja
  • Irrigacion Del Colon
  • Doctores Bingues
  • Camara Hiperbarica
  • Ecografic
  • Terapia de Pulso Magnetico
  • Terapia de Vitaminas IV
  • Consejos Nutricionales
  • Aceites Esencials
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Massage+Infrared Lamp
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • English/Spanish Doctors
  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Ultra Sound
  • Magnetic Pulse Therapy
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Essential Oils

Our market

Our key market is two fold.
The prevention of serious and degenerative diseases.
Intensive programs to maximize recovery using therapies that are out there but traditionally not generally well known.

The Company’s potential

I would like to think of the programs and systems as unique and as out there as the Chiropractic Industry was not so long ago. Small centers offering programs and support all over the world backed up by a state of the art Atlantis Re-Treat Facility, in a beautiful natural location.

With an array of highly qualified therapists, all working synergistically for one goal, the patient’s wellness, over time and with the cash flow support and income generated from the many Franchised Locations, we may see a State Head Office Clinic & Re- Treat Facility being needed in other countries internationally.

The ReTreat Facility was visioned by Mr. Rana in 1995 and is being build now, as we type on 200 acres in a beautiful country environment on the coast of Ecuador. Changing forever the way we look at and treat health and wellness. In an environment like this true changes can be achieved and these changes can become a habit, leading to “making changes for life”

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